The restaurant industry is ever changing, and owners need to find ways that they can connect with the millennial generation.  In 2020, it’s believed that Millennials will be about 80 percent of the workforce. Millennials are known for quite a few particular traits, and capturing this data is vital in finding the best ways to serve them. This portion of the population desires things quickly in a fashion that’s convenient for them. Capture this demographic by adding demand delivery systems and online ordering to the options of your restaurant through a new POS.

Implement POS Systems

There is a lot of technology available today that completely changes that way that your restaurant does business. These point of sale systems or POS can be used to combine all of the information you need for your business from your finances, customer relations, and inventory. The popularity of these systems means that there are several systems on the market for you to choose from for your restaurant. The following POS systems covered are at the top of their game, and will help you to reach the top of your game.

Aldelo heading

Aldelo offers two separate POS systems depending on your needs with their Pro and Lite versions. The Lite version offers cash register features, payment processing, delivery routing and tracking, built in reporting, and financials. This option offers less features than the Pro, but is also less expensive. The Pro version offers not only point of sale and payment processing features, but also covers inventory control, online ordering, customer tracking, handling employee activities with labor management, keeping track of kitchen productivity, and other

Revel revel-systems-squarelogo-1389136003151

Revel  is another top competitor in the POS industry, and has an all in one feature where you can handle just about everything you need for your business. One feature that is very attractive with this system is that in the case of a power failure, you’re able to work offline. Plus, it allows you to not only run your online ordering system, inventory, and the like, but you also are able to handle employee activities, such as scheduling and payroll.



If you’re looking for a POS system that has tried to find the simplest way for you to handle your restaurant management, Lavu is for you. They have tried to find a system that allows you to do everything you need in a few steps as possible.  This service also has Lavu ToGo that will handle your online ordering needs.



Micros offers several different POS systems for your restaurant, including a mobile service that has a large number of features that can make this system just as functional as many of the other POS systems featured. These systems can handle your point of sales functions, payment processing, payroll, reporting, online ordering, loyalty programs, inventory management, and more.



Speedline is one competitor on this list that highlights their useage for pizza restaurants and their specific delivery needs, but works for a variety of restaurants focusing on delivery services. They list their POS options based on the size of your restaurant from a single location to a chain of stores. You can expect to find your typical point of sales functions, payroll, online ordering, customer loyalty, inventory, back office, planning and scheduling, and more.

Third Party Delivery Companies

Another option out there for restaurant owners are third party delivery companies. You may be considering this in case your POS system doesn’t offer online ordering, but this may not be the optimal choice. Yes, the delivery companies will market for your restaurant, but the customers will not be your customers. There’s also an additional charge for these customers meaning that they’ll be paying a higher amount for delivery, and this could actually mean that you’re not getting as many delivery orders as you could be getting.

To make a decision, you need to consider your current delivery situation. Does your business do a brisk business with delivery?  How busy is your restaurant? Do you have a lot of specialized customers who request certain dietary restrictions? How often do your delivery customers place an order? Depending on these answers, you may find that changing your POS system to one that offers online ordering may be a better idea.  At the end of the day, the cost margins on this may prove to be more beneficial than the third party option.

Picking Your POS System

Take your time when picking out the new POS system to purchase for your restaurant. You want to find the best system that will save you money and time. Streamline how you manage your customers, your employees, and your business by using these services. Online ordering is one way for you to better serve your clients. It’s yet another way that you can boost your overall revenues. The beautiful thing about your new POS system is that not only will it be a boon for adding online ordering to your repertoire, but it will also help you handle your loyal eat-in clientele that is the backbone of your business.