Orders2.me recently established a partnership with SpeedLine Solutions that integrates their online restaurant ordering system with SpeedLine’s Point of Sale (POS) system. It allows customers to use the ordering website to have their food orders sent directly to a restaurant of choice. At that point, the restaurant receives the order directly on their appropriate kitchen order display. It slides in alongside other orders taken at the physical location and processes in a timely fashion.

The Point of Sale system integration reduces errors that occur when re-entering orders from the website into the corresponding restaurant’s kitchen order system. It eliminates the potential for an order being overlooked or incorrect as well. The system integration allows customers to place restaurant orders with confidence on the Orders2.me website and receive the same quality level of customer service they expect from their favorite restaurants.

Restaurants see an increase in productivity, customer satisfaction levels, and on-time delivery efficiency. They also encounter lower food production costs and labor costs for things such as order scheduling as well.