The New Year is no longer new. So, there is a good chance many people are already breaking their New Year’s resolutions. Customers who have made a resolution to watch their diet can have a hard time keeping it, as willpower starts to fade as January rolls into February. Thankfully, modern technology can help them keep their promises with the use of digital ordering platforms such as websites and mobile apps for restaurants.

These platforms have proven to be great ways to help restaurants market and sell to both new and returning customers. They can also help people keep their New Year’s resolutions. Digital platforms are more than just a way to sell food. Take a look at the ways they also help your customers eat smarter.

Provide Nutritional Information

Implementing a digital platform will allow you to provide your food’s nutritional content . You can even provide an option that allows customers to see a running tally of this information as they add food to their orders, upgrade items or add various options to their order. You can also use the platform to highlight the various options your restaurant offers, such as gluten or dairy-free choices that are on the menu. Your customers can even “turn off” foods that do not fit into their nutritional guidelines so they won’t even see them. Temptation and guilt are gone, and orders are up!

Use Digital Content

You can also set up your website and app to give your customers additional content that will help them make the right choices. You can create a series of videos that explain the nutritional content of various foods or inform them of options they might not otherwise know they have like how to substitute food items to save calories.

You do not have to stop at videos. You can also post a blog that provides helpful information for your customers. You can let them know of upcoming specials or promotions; provide ideas for healthy meals or even suggest ideas for ordering food in the restaurant.

Rely on Email

Email is still one of the most tried-and-true marketing strategies restaurants can use. Most customers provide an email address when visiting a website or downloading an app. You can use these email addresses to your advantage. Doing so might require some time and effort, but it is not expensive, which is why emails are still a go-to strategy for many marketers.

Send out emails to your nutrition-aware customers that highlight the healthy items on your menu. Draw attention to products and announce upcoming promotions. You can create something similar with push notifications for customers who prefer to use their phones rather than email.

Develop Automated Marketing Strategies

Automated marketing campaigns are the perfect solution for restaurateurs who want the advantages of a developed and comprehensive marketing campaign but do not have the time or know-how to get it done. Automated marketing is a system that allows your digital platform to handle marketing tasks on its own without having to be constantly monitored after the initial set-up. For example, you can set your app or website up to watch for customers who have special dietary restrictions. If a correct item is chosen, the system can send an email with a coupon for a free diet-specific entrée.

There are plenty of ways you can use a digital ordering platform to help your customers keep their New Year’s resolutions and be aware of the content of the food they are ordering. Most of the process requires little work beyond the initial set-up. In the end, it will help your customers make smart choices. They will appreciate you for keeping them in mind.