On August 5, 2015, Facebook rolled out their new live video stream known as Facebook Live. So now as a restaurant owner you have yet another tool at your fingertips to promote your establishment and create a significant relationship with your customers . This new service allows the user to post actual video in real-time and allows the follower to subscribe to future live casts with a mere click of a button.

So just how exactly do you broadcast from Facebook Live? Here is a walk through of the process, so get out your mobile devices and start broadcasting!

1.  Open your Facebook profile and start the process by clicking on the “New Post” icon as if you were going to start to write a post.

2. Next tap on the “Live” icon. This icon looks like a human silhouette positioned next to the “Camera” icon.

3. When prompted give Facebook the ability to access your camera and microphone on your mobile device. These prompts will not appear after your first use.

4. On the Introductory page press the “Continue” button. This will not begin the recording process. There are a few more steps before you actually go live.

5. Set your privacy setting. Since you are posting for your restaurant and are no stranger to Facebook, you will probably want to go public. If you happen to be new to Facebook or would like to test drive this feature, you will also have the option to post to “Only Me”. You will find this option by clicking on “More” and scrolling down to it.

6. Next you will be asked to write a description of your video. This description will appear as a status update on the Newsfeed, with your video below, so carefully write a memorable narrative. Be as descriptive as you can and make it as interesting as you can in order to draw in viewers.

7. Now choose the direction you wish your camera to face by clicking on the rotating arrow icon. The background you will see will be visible on your setup screen. Keep in mind that the image will be square, so you need not worry about the page orientation.

8. Start broadcasting by clicking the “Go Live” button. You will be given a brief countdown before you start recording.  Immediately upon recording your video will be posted to the News Feeds. A window of about 90 minutes is given for broadcasting. Remember that the longer you broadcast the more potential customers you can reach.

9. Encourage Interaction with viewers. Here is your opportunity for that personal connection. Begin the communication by asking questions of your viewers or by allowing them to direct questions to you or a member of your staff. Tracking the comments is simple, they will post below your feed. You will also be able to view the time elapsed at the top left corner as well as the number of followers. Facebook also allows you to block viewers by tapping on their profile picture next to their comment.

10. End your broadcast by clicking “Finish”. The broadcast will remain is your News Feed.

11. Save your video. Once you end the broadcast you will be prompted to save it to your camera on your device. Now you have the ability to modify the broadcast. You can change the description, change privacy settings or delete.

That was pretty effortless!  Now you have an awesome new platform to promote your restaurant. Consider using a broadcast to promote anything that is new and upcoming at your restaurant. Facebook Live has been shown to originate 10 times more comment interaction than a standard video. Nothing will replace the written word and you should still use Facebook the traditional way by posting specials and events.

Use your Facebook broadcasting capabilities to invite followers to join you live. Visually enticing your customer is a great way to keep customers engaged and interested in your establishment. Start by showcasing your chef preparing his latest creations live and perhaps giving customers advice on creating their own gourmet meal. Giving your customers visual access to your specials gives that sensory connection that you would not have with mere narrative description. Feature a member of your bartending staff preparing the latest drink special or why not broadcast a live stream from a special event being held at your restaurant?  Can you think of a better way to get customers involved than seeing the fun and excitement surrounding the event?

Because streaming live also gives you the opportunity for questions and answers, you as a business owner can gain a better understanding of what is of interest to your audience. You will also receive immediate feedback and will be able to observe the reactions of the viewers and how they process the information you are presenting. Thus you will be able to structure the information to their likes and interests.

By incorporating Facebook Live into your marketing strategy you are creating a limitless means to reach your audience.  It is only bounded by the limits of your imagination.