In this highly competitive world, you want to continue to improve your business and your customer service in order to be more successful. You need to be open to change and grow with technology to better compete and make your business more effective. One tool for this is to use a mobile point of sale system. Many businesses are now using this to make it easier for customers to pay and receive receipts.

What is a Mobile Point of Sale System?

You have probably noticed that some businesses use a mobile point of sale system by swiping your card on a reader attached to a phone or tablet. Maybe you didn’t think about exactly what that was and how it helped the business at the time. This is used a lot of times by small businesses, but it can have applications for larger as well.

It is a wireless device, smartphone or tablet that acts as a cash register of electronic point of sale terminal. In order to use this system, you would download the mobile application and register it, then you will receive a card reader that plugs directly into your wireless device’s audio jack. There is also some software that you can obtain which can provide docking stations to read barcodes and print receipts.

You don’t need a docking station though, and can easily just email or text receipts to your customers instead. When swiping the customer’s card, the card data is encrypted and stored in the cloud and not directly to the device.

How Will This Help My Business?

  • It is faster.

Using this form of payment can be much faster than the traditional card reader. The card is scanned, the customer signs the electronic pad and a receipt can be emailed or texted to the customer immediately instead of waiting for one to print.

It can also help shorten the checkout lines since anyone in the store would be able to take customer payments.

  • It is easy to use.

The software and card reader along with your electronic device is all you need. It does all the work for you. You don’t need to train someone to use a register and can get them up to speed on how to use this very easily. It won’t require much training.

  • Less counter space needed/no register needed.

By using this you don’t even need a cash register or a lot of counter space. Your phone or other device takes up a lot less room on a desk and is really easy to work with. This offers up a lot of space for other things needed to conduct business and it saves you money by not needing to acquire and maintain a register.

  • No office needed/it’s mobile.

You can take it one step further. You don’t even need an official office to be able to do business this way. You can conduct business anywhere you choose. This is especially useful for people that travel a lot, conduct business from multiple locations, or who conduct business in someone’s home. This is great for people in the services industries such as massage, acupuncture or any others that would go to someone’s home. It’s also great for them being able to work out of multiple locations. This kind of technology opens up your business and gives you the ability to work from anywhere.

This also allows you to take orders on the road at trade shows or outdoor fairs and festivals.

  • Customer Interface Operation.

Customers are able to receive receipts through email or text, which makes their checkout even faster. They will never lose their receipt as they will be able to look it up quickly on their own.

Many systems can automatically update inventory as you make sales. This will help you know exactly when to reorder products so you never run out and lose sales. You can also get analytics and reporting features to see how certain products are selling and chart your sales, depending on the time of day, location and day of the week. This will help you better plan your inventory and schedule staff more efficiently.

Tracking what you sell is important to be able to grow your business. You want to know how well products are selling. This can help you identify patterns in sales and plan promotions for slower days to attract more customers.

These systems make it easier to track purchases for customer loyalty programs. This will aide in creating targeted messages and offers based off customer purchase history and contact information such as location.

A mobile point of sale system can be great for any business. It can help you be more efficient and create more sales. Just make sure to choose the right options and features for your business to get the most out of it.